ruang operasi atau ruang kuliah dengan tempat duduk yang tersusun berderet bertingkat untuk mahasiswa atau penonton.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
amphitheater (noun)
an oval or circular building with rising tiers of seats ranged about an open space and used in ancient Rome especially for contests and spectacles
a) a very large auditorium
b) a room with a gallery from which doctors and students may observe surgical operations
c) a rising gallery in a modern theater
d) a flat or gently sloping area surrounded by abrupt slopes
a place of public entertainment (as for games or concerts)
Merriam-Webster Online Thesaurus
amphitheater (noun)
a large room or building for enclosed public gatherings
amphitheater, arena, auditorium, garden, theater ( theatre)
arena theater, music hall, odeum, playhouse, theater-in-the-round; ballroom; lyceum; chamber, house, senate; cafetorium
amphitheater (Wikipedia)
For other uses, see Amphitheatre (disambiguation).
The Colosseum amphitheatre in Rome, built c. 70 – 80 AD, is considered one of the greatest works of architecture and engineering.

An amphitheatre or amphitheater /ˈæmfˌθətər/ is an open-air venue used for entertainment, performances, and sports. The term derives from the ancient Greek ἀμφιθέατρον (amphitheatron), from ἀμφί (amphi), meaning "on both sides" or "around" and θέατρον (théātron), meaning "place for viewing".

Ancient Roman amphitheatres were oval or circular in plan, with seating tiers that surrounded the central performance area, like a modern open-air stadium. In contrast both ancient Greek and ancient Roman theatres were built in a semicircle, with tiered seating rising on one side of the performance area. In modern usage, "amphitheatre" is sometimes used to describe theatre-style stages with spectator seating on only one side, theatres in the round, and stadiums. Natural formations of similar shape are sometimes known as natural amphitheatres.

Interior of the Colosseum
Arles Amphitheatre, France: a Roman arena still used for bullfighting, plays and summer concerts.