Gejala kompleks ditandai sangat berkurangnya jumlah granulosit dan lesi pada tenggorokan dan selaput lendir lain, pada traktus gastrointestinal, dan kulit.

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
agranulocytosis (noun)
an acute febrile condition marked by severe decrease in blood granulocytes and often associated with the use of certain drugs
Agranulocytosis (Wikipedia)
Not to be confused with agranulocytes.
Classification and external resources
Specialty Hematology
ICD-10 D70
ICD-9-CM 288.0
DiseasesDB 8994
MedlinePlus 001295
MeSH D000380

Agranulocytosis, also known as agranulosis or granulopenia, is an acute condition involving a severe and dangerous leukopenia (lowered white blood cell count), most commonly of neutrophils causing a neutropenia in the circulating blood. It is a severe lack of one major class of infection-fighting white blood cells. People with this condition are at very high risk of serious infections due to their suppressed immune system.

In agranulocytosis, the concentration of granulocytes (a major class of white blood cells that includes neutrophils, basophils, and eosinophils) drops below 500 cells/mm³ of blood.