1. Massa atau gumpalan materi.
  2. Gumpalan massa.
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
aggregation (noun)
a group, body, or mass composed of many distinct parts or individuals
a) the collecting of units or parts into a mass or whole
b) the condition of being so collected
Aggregation (Wikipedia)

Aggregation may refer to uses in:

  • Business and economics:
  • Computer science and telecommunication:
  • Natural sciences and statistics:
    • Aggregation of soil granules to form soil structure
    • Particle aggregation, direct mutual attraction between particles (atoms or molecules) via van der Waals forces or chemical bonding
    • The accumulation of platelets to the site of a wound to form a platelet plug or a thrombus
    • Flocculation, a process where a solute comes out of solution in the form of floc or flakes
    • Overdispersion or statistical aggregation, where the variance of a distribution is higher than expected
    • Aggregation pheromone
    • Protein aggregation, the aggregation of mis-folded proteins